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The Power Group offers both financial and negotiating advantages for your business. We have contractual arrangements with leading suppliers of electric power enabling us to solicit bids from multiple suppliers. We advise our customers of the optimal bid based on price and contract terms. Every supplier has different contract terms; these can dramatically affect the actual cost of the contract. The Power Group has pre-negotiated contracts with suppliers. The terms of The Power Group contracts are far more beneficial to our customers than those contained in the suppliers' standard contracts.

The terms of each supplier's contract vary greatly. Contract terminology can be difficult to understand. With The Power Group as your intermediary with suppliers, you will avoid costly pitfalls contained in the supply contracts. The advantage of having The Power Group negotiating for you cannot be overestimated. The energy price is the starting point; the ultimate cost of supply is determined by the contract terms. The Power Group understands the inherent risks in these contracts. By properly understanding and evaluating each one, we can advise you on the optimal choice for your business.

The Power Group has the knowledge of industry norms and optimal contractual terms to bargain effectively on your behalf with suppliers. Not all the adverse terms in power supply contracts are obvious. A business such as yours may find a supplier willing to negotiate, but will you know what to ask for? The Power Group will help minimize your contract risk. We assist customers by identifying and assessing risks associated with contract terms and weighing those risks against the contract price.


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18,000 Have Lost Their Protected Tariffed Rate.

Accounts in the 100-400kW demand class were declared "competitive" by Illinois Commerce Commission ("ICC"). Those accounts not under contract with an Alternative Retail Electric Supplier ("ARES") defaulted to hourly pricing in May 2010. Hourly pricing is a precarious and expensive way to purchase electric power. While hourly customers may see modest price drops on their May and June ComEd bills, many will be in for an expensive surprise should historic weather patterns repeat for extreme hot weather days in July and August.

The change in delivery service means there is no “safe harbor” for businesses that have been reluctant to contract for energy supply on their own. The expired tariffed rate allowed customers to avoid the pitfalls of contracting for energy supply by paying a modest premium to purchase electric power from ComEd. You should not be surprised. ComEd issued a press release all about this back in October of 2007. [Click here to view a copy]

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This is the Popup Module feature. Assign any module to the popup module position, and ensure that the Popup Feature is enabled in the Gantry Administrator.

You can configure its height and width from the Gantry Administrator.

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